This article explains how to connect GitLab to Expel Workbench.

You must have:

  • A GitLab SaaS installation. Reach out to your engagement manager if you’re using the self-managed version.

  • A user account with owner permissions on the top-level group.

Step 1: Enable console access


Expel secures all login information our SOC analysts need about your devices in an MFA password product. Access to this login information is protected using our internal MFA processes. To learn more about the IP addresses all Expel traffic comes from, go here.

  1. Login to GitLab and navigate to a top-level group.

  2. Copy the Group ID.

  3. Open your Profile menu and select Preferences.

  4. Click Access Tokens.

  5. Generate a Personal Access Token with a 1-year expiry date and a read_api permission level.

Step 2: Configure the technology in Workbench

  1. In a new browser tab, log into Workbench. The link opens the Add Security Device screen directly.

  2. Fill in the fields like this:

    • Add a Name and Location that are meaningful to you.

    • For API token, use the Personal Access Token created in Step 1.5.

    • For On-prem URL, if the server is self-managed, use the GitLab server URL.

    • For Group IDs, type the Group ID copied in Step 1.2.


This article was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, leave a description in the comment field below and let us know!