As you view your usage in Workbench, you see specific information for each area. This article details that information for each type of technology.


SaaS apps

We count the most recent number of the IdP SaaS app with the maximum number of users. If there is no IdP connected, we take the most recent number of the SaaS app with the highest number of users.

Anything that can log in to a SaaS app and have full functionality is considered a user. This includes the following:

  • Normal human users.

  • Shared accounts intended to be used by multiple humans.

  • Service accounts intended to be used by software.

Suspended, archived, or administratively disabled users who can't log in are not counted as users.


Google Workspace

Microsoft 365



Cloud infrastructure

We apply a weighting factor to count the number of cloud resources we protect. We count the median data point from the past 30 days, which prevents the data from being skewed by outliers.

  • We weight storage resources at 25%.

  • We weight compute resources at 100%.



Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


We count on-premise endpoint resources and don't count cloud-hosted endpoints. Cloud-hosted endpoints are counted under Cloud Infrastructure and we don’t want to double-count. We take the most recent number of endpoints, and only count endpoints that have been seen within 30 days. We’re not including mobile devices or devices like printers, thermostats, and others with an IP address in the usage data.

We count the total number of endpoints in your environment. If you have multiple endpoint security products, we take the one with the highest count. This is because we assume you've installed all your endpoint products on the same hosts. If your environment has one endpoint security product covering some hosts and a different endpoint security product covering other hosts, we'll work with you to manually arrive at the correct quantity for your environment.


Microsoft Defender

Palo Alto Networks Cortex


VMware Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black EDR

Product not listed here?

The products listed here are the primary ones we use for determining your usage for each product. There are many more products we integrate with. If none of your products integrated with Workbench are listed here, your account team can work with you to determine the correct quantity of Expel to purchase.