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Prisma Cloud Compute getting started guide



  • Henrique D.

    It seems that this documentation might be a bit outdated.

    I found that `Step 1` isn't really necessary (creating the user).

    If you follow the documentation, you will notice that Step 2 creates a service account and an access key and then never makes use of either.

    The way I've configured my system:

    1 - Created the service account as described in step 2 (except that you don't have to provide the timezone anymore in Prisma)

    2 - Found the URL requested on step 3 by going to: Compute -> Manage -> System and then clicking the `Utilities` tab and scrolling all the way down until I found the `Path to Console` box with the URL.

    3 - For step 4, I used the Access Key ID as the username (for both the connection settings and console settings) and the Secret Key of that access key as the password.

    Save everything and it should just work!

    I hope this helps someone else :)

  • Tamim Habib

    Hi Henrique, thank you for your feedback. We will review this and update the guide accordingly. Thank you! 


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