This process must be completed by one of the organization’s Microsoft 365 administrators with the proper permissions.

Step 1: Deploy add-in using the 365 Admin Center

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft 365 admin center:

  2. On the left navigation bar near the bottom, expand Settings and click Integrated Apps.

  3. In the header, click Add-Ins.

  4. In the tab that appears, click Deploy Add-in.

  5. Click Next and then click Upload custom apps.

  6. Select I have the manifest file (.xml) on this device and click Choose File. Find the manifest file. Select the file and click Upload.

  7. In the next screen, decide who to deploy this button to in the first section. In the next section, select Fixed (Default). After you’re satisfied with the selections, click Deploy.


    The deployment can take up to a few minutes. After it's complete, you see a success message.

  8. After completion, you see the Expel Managed Phishing add-in in the list of installed add-ins. Microsoft notes that it can take up to 12 hours for the add-in to propagate to all users but if you reached this point, the installation is complete.