There are a handful of free trial milestones, and some have prerequisites. Here’s what you need for certain milestones:

Step 1: What you need to create a Workbench Account

Be sure you have an MFA ready — you need one to create your account. This can be Duo, Google Authenticator, or some other multi-factor authentication application.

Step 2: What you need to connect your cloud to Workbench

Do you own the keys to your AWS, Azure, or GCP castle? You need administrative rights to connect your tech to Workbench. Specific permissions and requirements are outlined in our onboarding guides, which are listed here.

Step 3: When to invite colleagues to Workbench

If you don’t own the keys to the castle, we encourage you to invite the people who do own those keys to Workbench. There's no limit to the number of users you can invite during your free trial.

Step 4: How to run an incident simulation

After your cloud environment is connected to Workbench, it’s time to “see the magic” happen. Expel provides instructions to trigger an alert for each cloud environment and you can let Workbench do the rest. Keep an eye out for an email from Workbench — it should take 15 minutes.