About Email Digests
An email digest is a scheduled summary of open remediation and investigative actions assigned to your organization. The digests provide you an accessible way to reference actions and see what needs to be completed in Workbench.
When you receive the email, the subject line will read: Open actions assigned to your organization
Each section lists the total number of open actions and includes:
  • The name of the open action
  • A link to the investigation
  • A link to view open actions in Workbench 

Configure an Email Digest

  1. Log in to Workbench.

  2. Select Organization Settings > My Profile.

  3. Select Email Notifications.
  4. In the Email Digest section, select Add Digest.

  5. Select the frequency to receive the digest.

    For example, Weekly on Monday at 13:00 UTC.


You can edit or delete existing digests via the pencil or trash can icon on a particular digest: