A digest is a scheduled summary of open actions assigned to your organization. This digest is sent to your inbox at the cadence you specify when you create it.

A digest provides you a quick and accessible way to see what actions need to be completed by your organization and easily reference them in Workbench.

Configuring an email digest includes 3 parts:

  1. Content: what goes into the email.

  2. Frequency: how often you receive the email. Currently, you can only configure the frequency in which the digest is sent to your email.

  3. Destination: where the email is sent.

When the digest arrives in your inbox, you see an email with the subject: Open actions assigned to your organization. The email is a list of open remediation actions and open investigative actions.

Each section lists the total number of open actions with a link to view them in Workbench. Each item includes:

  • The name of the open action

  • A link to the investigation

  • A link to the open action in Workbench