The following article details the steps to connect Rapid7​ to Expel Workbench and how to add Rapid7​ console access.

Step 1: Get the API credentials from Rapid7​ VM

An organization API key allows access to InsightVM product APIs, and can only be generated by administrators.

  1. Log in to the customer’s Rapid7​ console as an administrator.

  2. In Insight Platform, click Home.

    The location of the Home icon in Insight Platform
  3. Click API Key Management.

    image of the key icon that represents API key management
  4. Click Organization Keys.

  5. On the Organization Keys screen, click Generate New Organization Key.

    the location of the Generate New Organization Key button
    1. Type your organization name.

    2. In the ExpelAPI field, type the Expel API key.

      We suggest ExpelAPI.

    3. Generate the key by clicking Submit.

      A window opens to display the generated key.


      Note the key for later use in Workbench. You can't retrieve the key after you close the window.

Step 2: Add a Rapid7​ InsightVM console user

To be able to access the Rapid7​ console, add a new user.

  1. In Insight Platform, click Settings > User Management.

  2. Click Add User.

    1. In the Email field, type

    2. In the First Name field, type SOC.

    3. In the Last Name field, type Expel.

    4. In the Time Zone field, select UTC.

    5. In Product Roles, select Admin.

    6. Click Submit.

    The user is now added to InsightOps, which generates an email to to activate the account.

Step 3: Add Rapid7​ API credentials to Workbench

You can now add Rapid7​ InsightVM to Workbench.

  1. Log in to

  2. Navigate to Organization Settings > Security devices.

  3. Click +Add security device.

  4. Search for and select Rapid7​ InsightVM.

    Add Security Device screen for Rapid7


    If you don't see the Rapid7​ InsightVM Scanner in Workbench as an integration, then an Expel customer support engineer must set the connection by using the API information provided by the client.

  5. Complete the Add Security Device form:

  6. Set up the console:

    1. In the How will you access the console field, select Set up now (recommended).

    2. In the Console URL field, type

    3. In the Username field, type

  7. Click Save.