This onboarding guide takes you through the necessary steps to add users and enable notifications to allow for communication with Expel using Microsoft Teams.


We recommend users run the new version of Microsoft Teams (as opposed to Classic) for an improved user experience, including the ability to receive alerts for notifications outside of the Expel tenant. See Microsoft's Switch to the new Microsoft Teams documentation for more information, including instructions for how to upgrade.

Quick Start

Setup includes the following steps (select any step for detailed instructions):

  1. Add and Confirm Users
  2. Have Users Enable Notifications in Microsoft Teams
  3. Enable Notifications in Workbench

Step 1: Add and Confirm Users

First you must have the users you want to access the Microsoft Teams channel receive and accept an invitation to join.

  1. Provide Expel Support with the list of users that should have access to the channel, including the following information for each user. This interaction will generate a Support ticket where you can track progress of user invites.
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
  2. Each user will receive an email invitation. Have them accept the invitation to join the channel by selecting Open Microsoft Teams in the email. If the user does not see the invitation, have them check their spam folder.

Step 2: Have Users Enable Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Each user must enable notifications at the channel level to receive alerts for Expel notifications.

After the user accepts the invitation and has Teams open, they should follow these steps:

  1. Use the dropdown in the upper right and select the Expel tenant.
  2. In the left navigation, select Teams.
  3. The new Expel channel is now listed. Select the three dots (...) next to the General channel and select Channel notifications.
  4. In the Channel notification settings window, select the dropdown next to All new posts and choose Banner and feed.
  5. Select the Include replies checkbox.
  6. Select Save.

Now users will receive notifications about messages from Expel regardless of which tenant they are currently in. (Note this only applies to users running the new version of Microsoft Teams, not Classic.) Selecting the notification will display the new Expel message in the Activity tab and the user can reply from there, select Go to channel, or navigate to the channel and message via the Teams tab.


Step 3: Enable Notifications in Workbench

Refer to the User notifications setup for Workbench guide to enable notifications on the Expel Workbench side.


Sound Notifications
If you aren't receiving sound notifications and would like to, make sure notifications are enabled both in Microsoft Teams and in your operating system settings.