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AWS CloudTrail Getting Started Guide



  • David Côté

    Hi, I'd like to ask. in the Wizard vs. Manual onboarding section it states "If you want to connect an existing CloudTrail, please continue reading through this guide."
    However, when you read the steps in "Manual onboarding for existing AWS CloudTrails" at "Step 1: Configure a global CloudTrail". The step 4 say "Select trail attributes. Note: If you select an existing S3 bucket or KMS key, the integration will not work. Contact your Engagement Manager for assistance."
    When using Control Tower, it creates a Trail and S3 bucket for you. I was wondering if you could just plug the notification on the existing bucket. Assuming you assume a role in the client AWS account I would think that using the AWS managed KMS key shouldn't be a problem either. What do you think?

  • Scott Dewbre

    Hi David, thank you for the question! Someone from your account team will be reaching out to assist you. We've seen an increase in Control Tower-related questions, and realize the guide may be causing some confusion as a result. We're working to improve both the “manual” and wizard way of onboarding to account for Control Tower, but we can't comment on timing just yet. If you want to speak to someone on our Product team, let your account team know. We'd be happy to get more customer feedback!


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