This article describes how to deploy the Expel Assembler in AWS using a V1 assembler, which is reaching end-of-life on June 30th, 2024. Go to the Assembler Deprecation Information page for more information.

For more information on the general Assembler provisioning process, see How to provision Expel Assembler.You may need to do things differently than described in this procedure, based on how you use AWS.

Getting access to the Expel Assembler AMI

  1. Send your AWS account ID and the AWS region(s) in which you want to deploy an Assembler to your customer success engineer or engagement manager.

  2. Your engagement manager lets you know after the Expel Assembler AMI is shared with your account.

Start an instance from the Expel Assembler AMI

  1. Go to the AWS EC2 console at

  2. Select AMIs from the left navigation pane.

  3. Change the image selector list to Private Images.

  4. Select the latest Expel Assembler image with owner 555836951224 (the Expel AWS Account ID).

  5. Click Launch.

  6. Select an instance type of t2.large. Change other instance parameters at your discretion.


    The Expel Assembler image allows inbound SSH from all addresses. Expel recommends assigning the Assembler to a Security Group that restricts inbound SSH to your authorized IP addresses.

  7. Click Review and Launch.

  8. Click Launch.

  9. Select a key pair to log into the Assembler.

Register the assembler in Expel Workbench

  1. In Expel Workbench, click Settings in the top navigation bar. You see a dialog box with the Assembler Name and Location fields. If not, click the Add Assembler button.

  2. Type the Assembler Name and Location for the assembler. It’s best to use names that are meaningful to both you and to Expel so you can easily identify the assembler. For example: ACME HQ.

  3. Note the Install Code for the newly registered Assembler. You need this in the next section to activate the Assembler.

  4. To add another Assembler, click the Add Assembler button and repeat the steps.

Activate the assembler

  1. SSH to the expel account on the instance you just launched: ssh expel@<hostname>

  2. Activate the Assembler by supplying the 8-character install code created in the previous step: sudo expelmanage –activate <eight-character install code>

    You see output like this:

    [expel@hostname ~]$ sudo expelmanage --activate abcd1234
    Activation code set
    Regenerating SSH keys
    [expel@hostname ~]$
  3. Run exit to log out of the Assembler.

Authorize the assembler in Expel Workbench

Go back to How to provision Expel Assembler and continue with Authorize the Assembler in Expel Workbench.