Connecting the Expel Workbench to a Varonis installation requires a Varonis domain user account with access to DatAlerts. The first step is to configure the account with the proper roles. After that's complete, you can connect Varonis to Workbench and test the connection.


This article was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, leave a description in the comment field below and let us know!

Step 1: Create and configure Varonis domain user account

  1. In Varonis, create a domain user account. Make a note of the username and password on the account for later reference.

  2. Navigate to the Varonis management console > Configuration > Security.

  3. Assign the domain user the following roles:

    • Alerts View User

    • Directory Services Trends View User

    • File System Trends View User

    • Log View User

    • Reports View User

    • User

    • Web UI User

Step 2: Configure the technology in Workbench

Now that we have the correct access configured and noted the credentials, we can integrate Varonis with Workbench.

  1. In a new browser tab, log into

  2. On the console page, navigate to Settings and click Security Devices.

  3. At the top of the page, click Add Security Device.

  4. Search for and select Varonis.

  5. Select an Assembler from the list. Select the assembler you set up in Getting connected to Expel Workbench.

    • Type Assembler Name and Location. For example: Varonis and Expel Lab.

    • For API username and API password type the credentials created in Step 1.

    • For URL type the Varonis instance URL.

    • (Optional) For Verify tls type y or n.


      Type y to verify your server's TLS certificates.

  6. You can set up console access now in the wizard or use the instructions below to set it up later.