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This integration guide helps you connect your Microsoft Teams instance to an Expel Slack channel using the Mio app. Connecting your Microsoft Teams to Slack lets you get Slack notifications from Expel in your Microsoft Teams channel. However, if you respond to a notification in Microsoft Teams, Expel doesn't see it. If you need to communicate with Expel about a notification, reach out to your Expel account manager or submit a support ticket.

To see the differences in the notifications channels, see Notification systems.


This article was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, leave a description in the comment field below and let us know!

Step 1: Adjust Microsoft Teams permissions

  1. Make sure you're logged into Microsoft Teams as an admin. Open your Microsoft Teams instance and go to Settings > Third-party apps.

  2. If required, adjust your permissions policies to Allow specific apps and block all others.


    Changes to the policy can take 12 to 48 hours to take effect.

  3. Add Mio and the Ruxie app to the allow list.

  4. Navigate to Manage Apps in the admin center and allow the following apps:


Step 2: Add Ruxie and Mio to the team

  1. In your Microsoft Teams instance, select Manage apps.

  2. Search for Ruxie and add it to the specific team you're connecting to Slack.

  3. Search for Mio, select the down arrow next to Add, and select Add to a team.

  4. Add Mio to the specific team you're connecting to Slack.

Step 3: Connect Microsoft Teams with Slack

  1. Your Expel team sends you a link. Save it for later use.

  2. In your Microsoft Teams instance, open the channel you plan to connect.

  3. At the bottom of the screen, select New Conversation.

  4. Select the Mio icon (mceclip1.png) below the new conversation field.


    If you don't see it, click the 3 dots (mceclip3.png) and search for Mio. You might need to add Mio to the channel.

  5. After you select Mio, a popup window appears. Copy the link from Expel and paste it into the Enter Invite Link field, then select Connect and join.

  6. A message similar to this appears.


Step 4: Configure Microsoft Teams in Workbench

Save the Channel link from your Microsoft Teams channel

  1. In your Microsoft Teams instance, from General, select Get link to channel.

  2. Click Copy.


Register in Expel Workbench

  1. In a new browser tab, log into

  2. On the console page, navigate to Settings > My Organization and click Integrations.

  3. Under the Microsoft Teams section, click Configure this integration.

  4. Paste the channel link from your Microsoft Teams channel in the Channel ID field.

  5. For Service URL leave the URL that's listed.

  6. Click Add.