Integrating with Microsoft Teams allows for notifications from Expel as well as 2-way communication.

To see the differences in the notifications channels, see Notification systems.

Setting up the shared channel

  1. Logged in as a Global or Security Administrator in Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure), enable external collaboration and add Expel as a trusted organization in Microsoft Teams:

    1. Add Expel as an organization to share channels with using Expel tenant ID: 1cde81fd-b430-4035-b24d-709921922876.

      To locate your organization’s tenant ID, see How to find your Microsoft Entra tenant ID.

  2. Configure B2B direct connect inbound & outbound settings.

    1. Under the Inbound access and the Outbound access, click the inherited from default link.

      the inheritance settings on the organizational settings tab
    2. Click the B2B Direct Connect tab.

    3. Click Customize settings.

      1. Click External users and groups.

        • Under Access status click allow access.

        • Under Applies to click all external users and groups.

      2. Click Applications.

        • Under Access status click allow access.

        • Under Applies to click all external users and groups.

  3. Create a team in Microsoft Teams to be used for Expel communications and add the appropriate users.


    Since you created the team, you will be the Team Owner and receive the shared channel invitation.

    If you are repurposing an existing team, there should be no unnecessary users in the team as they all have access to our shared channel upon completion.

  4. Share your organization’s tenant ID and the Team Owner’s email address with your Engagement Manager.

    Expel will create a shared Microsoft Teams channel and send the invitation to the Team Owner.

  5. In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Activity tab and accept the invitation to the shared Microsoft Teams channel.

    • Assign the channel to the appropriate team.

    • Notify your Engagement Manager after the shared channel appears under your team.

      Expel will accept the connection on our side and confirm the process is completed by sending a welcome message in the channel.

Configuring your Expel notifications channel


This can be a new or existing channel, but it can't be a shared or private channel.

  1. Create a new Standard (non-shared) channel or use an existing channel.


    This channel will house your Expel Ruxie notifications.

  2. Add the Ruxie app at the channel level:

    1. Click the (…) next to the Customer Team.

    2. Click Manage Team.

    3. Click Apps > More apps.

  3. Add Ruxie to the Channel:

    1. Search “Ruxie” in the search bar.

    2. Click the Ruxie App.

    3. Click Add > Add to a team.

    4. Clear the name that’s listed and search for the channel you created above.

    5. Click set up a bot.

  4. Once Ruxie is properly added to the channel, you will receive a message from Ruxie in Microsoft Teams. Click see more to reveal the Channel ID and the SMTP URL:

    • Channel ID: 19xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@thread.tacv2

    • SMTP URL: smtp.xxxx

  5. In Expel Workbench, in the left navigation menu, click Organization Settings.

  6. Click the name of your organization.

  7. Click the Integrations tab.

  8. Next to Teams, click the pencil icon.

  9. Paste the Channel ID provided in step 4 above.


This page was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, let us know via your engagement manager or account representative.