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Step 1: Create a service account and API credentials

You must have the System Administrator role on Datadog to add a service account.


Think carefully about the data you enter. After you create a service account, you can't make changes. You have to delete it and start over.

  1. Log in to the Datadog console.

  2. Navigate to Organization Settings > API Keys.

  3. Select + New Key.

  4. Name the key, then click Create Key.

  5. Copy and paste or write down the API key for later use.

  6. Navigate to Organization Settings > Service Accounts.

  7. Select + New Service Account.

  8. Type the following details for the service account:

  9. Click Create Service Account.

  10. Select the created service account. A popup appears.

  11. On the service account popup, select + New Key.

  12. Copy+paste or write down the Application key for later use.


Step 2: Configure the technology in Workbench

  1. In a new browser tab, go to https://workbench.expel.io/settings/security-devices?setupIntegration=datadog.

  2. Complete these fields using the credentials and information you collected in Step 1:

    • Name: the host name of the device.

    • Location: the geographic location of the appliance.

    • Select your site.

    • API key: the API key generated in Step 1.

    • Application key: the Application key generated in Step 1.

  3. You can provide console access now or set it up later. Use the instructions below to set it up later.