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This procedure connects your installation with the Expel Workbench™.


This article was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, leave a description in the comment field below and let us know!

You need:

  • A account with Enterprise or Pro plan subscription. Note: Community plans don't currently include API tokens.

  • Admin permissions for the account to view the Manage Tokens page.


    If you’re not an admin user for the account, consult with an account admin to get the token information.

Step 1: Create API token

  1. In, navigate to mceclip1.png > Settings > Tools > Manage Tokens > API tokens.

  2. To create an API token, click + New API token.

  3. Type a brief token name and click Add.

  4. Make note of the token for later use.

Step 2: Configure the technology in Workbench

Now that you have the API token, you can integrate your installation with the Expel Workbench.

  1. In a new browser tab, log in to

  2. On the console page, navigate to Settings and click Security Devices.

  3. At the top right of the page, click Add Security Device.

  4. Find and select, then type the following information:

    • For Name, type a nickname for this technology that you see in Workbench.

    • For Location, type the geographic location of the appliance.

    • For API token, type the token you created in Step 1.