This article explains how to connect OneLogin to Workbench.

Step 1: Enable console access

  1. In the OneLogin console, select Administration.

  2. Select Users and then New User.

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • First name: Expel

    • Last name: SOC

    • For Email: soc+<Your_Organization_Name>


      Yes, the "+" sign is part of the email address, and it's important. Click here to find out why.

    • Username: same as email

    • Password: set by user

    • Company: Expel

    • Leave the other fields blank.

  4. Click Save User.

  5. Notify your engagement manager that the registration email is sent.

Step 2: Generate API Credentials

  1. Sign into your OneLogin as a user with Admin privileges.

  2. Navigate to Administration.

  3. Navigate to Developers > API Credentials.

  4. Select New Credential.

  5. Give the credential a name (such as Expel API) and select Read All and click Save.

  6. Save a copy of the Client ID and Client Secret.

Step 3: Configure the technology in Workbench

  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to Settings > Security Devices.

  3. At the top of the page, click Add New Device.

  4. Search for and select OneLogin.

    • Give the device a Name and Location.

    • Fill in fields for Client Secret and Client ID with credentials generated in Step 2.

    • Specify the Region of the OneLogin device (US, EU).


This article was accurate at the time of writing, but changes happen. If you find the instructions are outdated, leave a description in the comment field below and let us know!